Troubleshooting Blowers

Blower failure is extremely rare.  If a blower appears to be producing substantial air, but the inflatable will not inflate, it is likely an issue with the inflatable portion, and commonly an issue of De-laminating.

  • If the blower still turns on it is extremely rare that there is a defective issue.
  • Check breakers and outlets/power source.
  • If the blower has a reset button try pushing it.
  • The internal breaker on the blower will not turn on for two hours after it overheats.  This does not mean that the blower is defective.  It likely needs to cool.
  • If the power to the blower is intermittent it is likely that the blower is overheating due to external factors (example:  high heat from the sun – remedy – cover with a box while in use and cut holes in the box sides for ventilation as the blower will need to take air in to blow it in to the bouncer) or internal factors (example:  using a 220 outlet instead of the standard 110). 
  • Incorrect gauge extension cords can trip the breaker.  Instruct the customer to observe the voltage and amp requirements for the extension cord.  The electrical information is listed on the blower’s motor casing.  The customer should be using an appropriate cord that can support the blower’s power.  A hardware store can offer help with providing the correct extension cord.
  • Test different outlets and try plugging directly in to a wall outlet without the extension cord.  The two hour cool off period is necessary before testing different outlets.